Stamping festival in Kupang

Obelix has landed in Terra Indonesia. Here are some first impressions on East Nusa Tenggara’s (one of Indonesia’s 34 provinces) capital: Moon resisting in the sky despite the sun’s appearance behind electrical polls and other man-made metallic structures which mark out the island’s low skyline which remind us we’ve arrived in an urban settlement, contraryContinue reading “Stamping festival in Kupang”

Festival d’estampillage à Kupang

Obélix a atterri en Terra Indonesia. Voici quelques premières impressions sur la capitale de Nusa Tenggara Est (une des 34 provinces de l’Indonésie) : La lune résiste dans le ciel malgré l’apparition du soleil derrière les poteaux électriques et autres structures métalliques artificielles qui jalonnent la ligne d’horizon basse de l’île et qui nous rappellentContinue reading “Festival d’estampillage à Kupang”

Darwin to Kupang – traversée déchirante

Après trois jours de navigation presque exclusivement au moteur à 285 degrés en direction de l’île du Timor, la dernière nuit, à seulement 60 miles de notre objectif, alors que nous pensions que rien ne pouvait se passer d’ici notre arrivée imminente le lendemain matin, un vilain grain nous a cueilli comme des bleus etContinue reading “Darwin to Kupang – traversée déchirante”

Darwin to Kupang crossing ending in tears

After three days almost exclusively motoring our way to 285 degrees towards Timor island, on our last night, just 60 miles from our goal, when we thought nothing could happen between then and our imminent arrival the next morning, a treacherous squall took us by surprise and caused monumental adrenaline rush and material damage, costingContinue reading “Darwin to Kupang crossing ending in tears”

Zooming through Vanuatu: Tanna

The sail to Tanna is the most unpleasant we’ve had so far with strong winds and messy chop hitting us from the side way too often. I am sea sick the whole time and, like Azur, between two bouts of retching, spend it devising a way to announce to the family I’d rather catch theContinue reading “Zooming through Vanuatu: Tanna”

Le Vanuatu en speed: Tanna

La navigation vers Tanna est la plus désagréable que nous ayons eue jusqu’à présent, avec des vents forts et des clapots désordonnés qui nous frappent de côté bien trop souvent. J’ai le mal de mer tout le temps et, comme Azur, entre deux vomissements, je passe mon temps à imaginer un moyen d’annoncer à laContinue reading “Le Vanuatu en speed: Tanna”

Thirty-eight weddings in Lifou

Between May and September, it is wedding season in Lifou (or Drehu, pronounced Djehu, in the local dialect of the same name), and, this year, thirty-eight of them are being celebrated. So when we arrive unannounced at Wè Marina on the first day of the school holidays and try to hire a car, we areContinue reading “Thirty-eight weddings in Lifou”

Trente-huit mariages à Lifou

Entre mai et septembre, c’est la saison des mariages à Lifou (ou Drehu, prononcé Djehu, dans le dialecte local du même nom), et, cette année, on en célèbre trente-huit. Autant dire que lorsque nous arrivons à l’improviste à Wè Marina le premier jour des vacances scolaires et que nous tentons de louer une voiture, nousContinue reading “Trente-huit mariages à Lifou”

Fiji: Obelix fou de bananes!

Certains jours, nous ne posons même pas le pied sur la terre ferme, nous sommes soit dans l’eau (plongée libre, kayak, stand-up-paddle), soit sur le bateau (lecture, enseignement, repas, jeux, détente), soit entre le bateau et l’eau, suspendus dans les airs à pratiquer nos plongeons, nos flips et sauts périlleux. Mon corps manque ses pasContinue reading “Fiji: Obelix fou de bananes!”

Fiji: Obelix goes bananas!

Some days we don’t even set foot on land, we’re either in the water (snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up-paddling), on the boat (reading, teaching, eating, playing, chilling), or between the boat and water, suspended in mid-air practicing our dives, flips and somersaults. My body misses its daily steps to activate its digestive system, as I’m reminded whileContinue reading “Fiji: Obelix goes bananas!”

La Obelix vida es un carnaval!

Time to farewell 2020, a full-on year on so many accounts… Despite unexpected global circumstances which culminated, in New Zealand, with a couple of lock-downs, near-closed borders, and ever changing game rules, we’ve managed to make new friends, reconnect with old ones, sail the Hauraki gulf quite extensively, get Obelix a new jib, staysail andContinue reading “La Obelix vida es un carnaval!”

Fare-whale decade!

Recipe for the best day of 2019 Ingredients 1 handsome multi-talented man 2 kind, fun, resilient boys 1 sturdy sail boat 1 pinch of wind (not too strong, not too light, and preferably in the right direction) slight sea 1 whale 1 island (not too far, not too close, and preferably with an iconic bay)Continue reading “Fare-whale decade!”

Serendipity galore

Family impressions (part 2/2) And what about us, the parents? What is our take on this new lifestyle? Thomas He’s a natural, he’s been drawn to the sea his whole life, so, one might say he’s like a fish in the water! Being on a boat, stepping on the floating deck each morning, looking atContinue reading “Serendipity galore”

Magic moments in Kawau

Initially, our ambitious plans for the Labour week-end was to go to Great Barrier Island… Thomas had even taken his Friday off to give us four full days of adventures. However, our religiously watching the weather situation the week leading up to our mini-holidays, did nothing to slow down the wind, which was still howlingContinue reading “Magic moments in Kawau”

Happy Bday Obelix!

At 8 am on Sunday the 13th, at high tide, after a full-moon night, our dear friend Naomi rocked up all dressed up with orchids and hibiscus flowers around her neck and arms ready to lead Obelix’ blessing ceremony. We showed her and Dave around, had a quick chat, and finished to prepare ourselves. OurContinue reading “Happy Bday Obelix!”

Celebrating Obelix first times

With a Margaux, Château Marquis De Terme, which was waiting all those years for the right occasion… First cruise on Obelix as a family, just the four of us, for the pleasure. First time without having to go all the way to the marina toilets to pooh. First time communicating on the VHF with anotherContinue reading “Celebrating Obelix first times”

Obelix now in Bayswater!!!

Two months after patiently checking the weather forecast every day on various websites, Thomas has finally spotted a fine weather window last week, quickly gathered a crew, found someone to drive them to Whangarei, and organised everything to attempt the voyage for the second time last Saturday 17 August. As a cautious skipper, he minimisedContinue reading “Obelix now in Bayswater!!!”