New Cal: Sunday at Amédée

“Mum, can we go back to the place we were the other day (Amédée Island)?” asks Zephyr every now and then. When I enquire why exactly, he admits he enjoyed swimming with sharks! Friendly ones, not scary ones. Small whitetip or blacktip reef sharks, a couple of them swimming serenely in the coral, another couple having a rest under a rock. I think it is the thrill of braving his fear that Zephyr liked above all. Though I’m sure the fair weather and the encounter with his friend Thomas (Jr.) might have played a part too.

As for Thomas (Sr.), he exclaimed “That’s one of the, if not THE, best anchorage we’ve been with Obelix!” as we inspected the surroundings, having secured the mooring and switched off the engine. Shades of bright turquoise, crystalline water, and visibility second to none. Snorkelling was calling once again. If only the water was warmer complained the kids before finally getting in and spending the rest of the day there, when not snorkelling, playing an invented game resembling water polo with a coconut as their ball.

Later in the afternoon, wen our friends arrived on their majestic home-built 15-meter trimaran Utopia, I felt an inkling of pride to know people crazy enough to design, built and sail such a beast. Dreamers, as we like them.

Being a Sunday, the islet was crowded with day-trippers brought by the Mary D commercial cruise boat, which was lucky as it offered us a show of polynesian dances for free and allowed us to visit the lighthouse, only open on those days.

We so wanted to linger in the idyllic atmosphere, away from the city, feeling the white sand between our toes, watching idle turtles or sea kraits intertwined under the roots by the beach, that we were the last boats to depart (despite the early start for school the next day), enjoying a race with Utopia (they won hands down) and a lovely sunset on our way back.

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