Il pleut, il flotte à Nouméa

On dit que c’est à cause de La Niña, toute cette pluie. Mais après un an et demi d’un temps épouvantable, parfois interrompu par quelques jours de soleil – on a intérêt à ne pas se planter sur le timing des machines pour avoir une chance de faire sécher son linge, les habitants s’accordent àContinue reading “Il pleut, il flotte à Nouméa”

Another rainy day in Noumea

They say it’s because of La Niña, all this rain. But after a year and a half of dreadful weather occasionally interrupted by some sunny days – one must time their laundry right for it to have a chance to dry – locals agree that la Niña has extended its welcome to New Caledonia. AndContinue reading “Another rainy day in Noumea”

New Cal’s Far South

America has its Far West, New Caledonia has its Far South. Where Westerns could have been filmed if cow-boys rode canoes and didn’t mind getting their feet dirty in the slippery red earth staining everything it touches. Then they’d probably have turned red skinned which would have confused the audience, and “Southerns” is not asContinue reading “New Cal’s Far South”

Ma première fois avec l’océan

Comme toutes les premières fois, peut-être, ca manquait de préliminaires. Nous avons un peu précipité les choses et sommes entrés directement dans le vif du sujet, trop impatients de savoir de quoi il s’agissait. Je me donnais à corps perdu, car je savais d’avance que ce serait douloureux, avec quelques jours difficiles dans la fenêtreContinue reading “Ma première fois avec l’océan”

My first time with the ocean

Like all first times, perhaps, it lacked foreplay. We rushed it a bit and went straight to the meaty part, too eager to know what “it” was about. I was giving myself willingly, for I knew beforehand that it would be painful, with a rough couple of days in the weather window and route weContinue reading “My first time with the ocean”

Obelix shower ceremony

Hot showers are now possible on Obelix! But, beware, far from a modern life entitlement, taking a hot shower on our boat is a well deserved reward that comes only after following a precise protocol, involving lots of steps, and a fair amount of pumping, which has, let it be said, the side benefits ofContinue reading “Obelix shower ceremony”

Rituel d’ablution sur Obélix

Les douches chaudes sont désormais possibles sur Obélix ! Mais attention, loin d’être un acquit de la vie moderne, prendre une douche chaude sur notre bateau est une récompense bien méritée qui n’arrive qu’après avoir suivi un protocole précis, impliquant beaucoup d’étapes, et une bonne dose de pompage, qui a, disons-le, les bénéfices indirects d’exercerContinue reading “Rituel d’ablution sur Obélix”

Making our bubble great again

Free-range kids As lock-down 2.0 was announced on August 13th, Auckland schools closed, and we retreated back to our bubbles, we decided not to add any complexity to the ever changing and (sometimes) absurd rules that governed our strange world, and let our children be free-range. No virtual hui. No homework. No schedule. No pressure.Continue reading “Making our bubble great again”

Serendipity galore

Family impressions (part 2/2) And what about us, the parents? What is our take on this new lifestyle? Thomas He’s a natural, he’s been drawn to the sea his whole life, so, one might say he’s like a fish in the water! Being on a boat, stepping on the floating deck each morning, looking atContinue reading “Serendipity galore”

Floor is lava in 3, 2, 1, 0!

Family impressions (part 1/2) One month in. Time to reflect: How is the family rating their new life aboard?To get a qualitative answer to this, I asked each one of us to come up with our top likes and dislikes. The first answer I got from Azur, was “But there is nothing that I don’tContinue reading “Floor is lava in 3, 2, 1, 0!”

Magic moments in Kawau

Initially, our ambitious plans for the Labour week-end was to go to Great Barrier Island… Thomas had even taken his Friday off to give us four full days of adventures. However, our religiously watching the weather situation the week leading up to our mini-holidays, did nothing to slow down the wind, which was still howlingContinue reading “Magic moments in Kawau”

Happy Bday Obelix!

At 8 am on Sunday the 13th, at high tide, after a full-moon night, our dear friend Naomi rocked up all dressed up with orchids and hibiscus flowers around her neck and arms ready to lead Obelix’ blessing ceremony. We showed her and Dave around, had a quick chat, and finished to prepare ourselves. OurContinue reading “Happy Bday Obelix!”

Bye-bye St Heliers!

Last week-end was one of transition, endings and new beginnings. Marcia and Camille, neighbours and friends, took the kids for a sleepover on Friday so we could have the night off and release a bit of the pressure accumulated over the past few weeks. Watching The Dust Palace and the APO’s epic production ‘Dawn’, thenContinue reading “Bye-bye St Heliers!”

Spring cleaning in progress for imminent downsizing…

Obelix may be a fat bastard, but there is no way we could fit all the stuff we’ve accumulated over the years (and that will mainly have lived through the time of their negotiation*) on board. Nor is it our intention to keep things for later, when we decide to return to landbound life. IndeedContinue reading “Spring cleaning in progress for imminent downsizing…”

Celebrating Obelix first times

With a Margaux, Château Marquis De Terme, which was waiting all those years for the right occasion… First cruise on Obelix as a family, just the four of us, for the pleasure. First time without having to go all the way to the marina toilets to pooh. First time communicating on the VHF with anotherContinue reading “Celebrating Obelix first times”

Obelix now in Bayswater!!!

Two months after patiently checking the weather forecast every day on various websites, Thomas has finally spotted a fine weather window last week, quickly gathered a crew, found someone to drive them to Whangarei, and organised everything to attempt the voyage for the second time last Saturday 17 August. As a cautious skipper, he minimisedContinue reading “Obelix now in Bayswater!!!”