Zooming through Vanuatu: wrap-up

One day I may write in more details about our arrival in Port Vila and our first encounter with written Bislama (the English-based creole language spoken in Vanuatu) on the city’s billboards, our brief stay in Lamen Bay playing hide and seek all day with a dugong, our afternoon with the hord of children in Batikfive, who escorted us from our boat to the next village offering us coca pods freshly picked up from the trees, and the girls giggling while repeatedly stroking my hair and my skin, in disbelief it was so smooth and so pale I guess, our walk through the cocoa trees bush to reach a waterfall guided by half a dozen young men who wondered why after paying them a fee to get there (we only learnt about it while deep in the jungle), I didn’t want to bath having to change in my swimming togs with hundreds of mosquitos lurking and them watching, our the last day in Wunpuko where all the women and girls assembled around the river after church for a Sunday water play and ablutions session, and the thirty odd mangoes we were offered for our crossing to Australia, some of which ended up in the water, speckled with black stains like Marsupilamis.

But for now I’m short of time and have got a lot of catch up to do, so here is a video that wraps up our journey through Vanuatu. Hope you enjoy!

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