Yes to 40!

“Yes!“ What a sweet, warm, yummy, soothing feeling this word brings… Especially when heard repeatedly, throughout an entire day, from friends and family as a reply to whatever I suggest. As if I have bewitched them by the mere fact I have woken up that morning, exactly forty years older than the day I was born.

Kids intrigued by crazy grown-ups

I realise the power of my enchantment just before breakfast, when I fancy a morning dip to kickstart the day. I throw the idea around, and no sooner am I in swimming togs that my friends follow suit and synchronise their dive with mine. (We are out on the boat for the week-end, it helps).

Birthday Panettone – Viva Italia!

For breakfast I am offered crepes, Panettone and candles to blow, when I witness a group of teenagers jumping in the water from a hammock fitted on their yacht. Jealous, I mention the one we have onboard (bought some 15 years earlier in Otavalo market, Ecuador) but have never bothered to set up, and, magically, a few minutes later I am lazing around in my own boom-suspended hammock, soon joined by Azur for a big mother-and-son cuddle while the others go for a stroll on the beach.

Finally in my hammock!

Zephyr has stayed behind and must be under the spell too as my wanting to tackle his dreadlocky hair, is met for once, if not with enthusiasm, at least with silent approval, and through patience (and a new undercut style) we manage to get rid of all the nests that have formed behind his head. Alas, he is too prompt at chucking the last piece of evidence in the water before I can take a picture as a formal proof of the achievement.

Hair-taming session

After lunch, and more candles blown on passion fruit cake this time, my back feels a bit sore, and in a blink, the saloon is converted in wellness parlour, and I am treated to an hour-long full body massage by my friend Marion.

I also get a birthday dance (salsa on Obelix deck), video calls with parents, messages from friends, more candles – at afternoon tea on a home-made bounty slice, courtesy of Azur, and at dinner – on the paella, with mussels collected by my sweetheart, and a turn at reading the kids in bed (one of our favourites: Nausicaä of the valley of the Wind).

Bed time story

As the day comes to a close, and we’re winding down, cosy in the fully enclosed cockpit, sipping rum and umechu between grown-ups, loosely playing a game of Contrario, I look cheekily at the water and entertain the idea of a midnight swim. You guessed it, it doesn’t take long before we’re all in, frolicking naked in the phosphorescent plankton, merry at the sight of our under water sparkling trails.

I haven’t set foot on proper land that day, too concerned to get off that little cloud I’ve enjoyed so much… Again! Make me feel alive, special and loved, again! Can’t wait for next year, unless I have to wait til I’m 80 ?!

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