Life and death of a life raft

The Safety at Sea rep I called, to enquire about our life raft, nearly choked when I advised him when it was manufactured (1976) and last serviced (1991). He confirmed my suspicions they didn’t service life rafts that old, and with that information, I finally convinced Thomas it was time to part with our dodgy safety piece of equipment. But not before giving it a fair try on the water.

So, on Sunday morning, as the sun was shining, the water glittering, and the sky still bright blue and fairly non-threatening (we got rinsed shortly after our mission had completed), we took our venerable life raft for a tour at the beach nearby to inflate it one last time (if not the only one), for education and entertainment purposes, as well as offering it a decent end of life.

This life raft will be remembered for the successful morning full of suspense, surprises, and laughter it provided the whole family (and possibly some Sunday strollers too).

Then, we brought it (albeit very reluctantly) to the dumpster, and had a celebration lunch at Corelli’s in Devonport.

Now we need a new life raft!

3 thoughts on “Life and death of a life raft

  1. coucou Salomé et sa petite famille
    ça fait plaisir de vous voir à travers cette vidéo qui est bien hilarante!!! j’espère que pour vous tout se passe bien ; la curiosité m’a amenée à visionner ce petit film et je me suis bien amusée à le regarder . On est loin mais on pense quand beaucoup à vous ; j’espère que vous aurez un nouveau radeau plus fiable!! on ne sait jamais


  2. Ce canot avait l’air bien en forme pour un vieux. Il a bien mérité ce premier rôle dans un film très bien réalisé et avec des seconds rôles à la hauteur de l’enjeu.
    Sans compter la bande son, Quentin aurait fait la même !
    Bises à tous


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