Moce Fiji, bonjour Noumea!

It’s supposed to be better the second time, isn’t it? Well, that certainly isn’t the case with our second ocean passage from Fiji to New Caledonia. With 685 nautical miles to sail from Vuda Marina to Noumea, we’ve taken the preparations more lightly than last time. No passage meals other than our dry risotto jars,Continue reading “Moce Fiji, bonjour Noumea!”

Multi-sensory experience in Yalobi

Love at first sight As soon as we passed Southern tip of Waya Island, we took in the tall and majestic cliffs of Yalobi, often described as one of the most iconic Fiji villages for that very reason, and fell in admiration with the black barren rocks, contrasted by the gold of dry grass growingContinue reading “Multi-sensory experience in Yalobi”

Experience multi-sensorielle a Yalobi

Le coup de foudre Dès que nous avons dépassé la pointe sud de l’île de Waya, nous avons admiré les hautes et majestueuses falaises de Yalobi, souvent décrit comme l’un des villages fidjiens les plus emblématiques pour cette raison même, et sommes tombés en admiration devant les rochers noirs, contrastant avec l’herbe sèche doree poussantContinue reading “Experience multi-sensorielle a Yalobi”

Bye bye Aotearoa!

“J’aimerais que nous puissions organiser une fête comme celle-là, lorsque ce sera à notre tour de partir”, me confie Gaspar lorsque nous prenons notre dernier repas ensemble. Ce qui me remplit de fierté, de joie et de nostalgie à la fois, en me rappelant avec tendresse le super week-end que nous avons passé il yContinue reading “Bye bye Aotearoa!”

Ka kite ano New Zealand!

“I wish we could throw a party like that, when it’s our turn to leave” says Gaspar when we have our last dinner together. Which fills me with pride and joy and nostalgia all at once, remembering with fondness the great week-end we’ve had a few days ago, in the company of fascinating, diverse, andContinue reading “Ka kite ano New Zealand!”

Yes to 40!

“Yes!“ What a sweet, warm, yummy, soothing feeling this word brings… Especially when heard repeatedly, throughout an entire day, from friends and family as a reply to whatever I suggest. As if I have bewitched them by the mere fact I have woken up that morning, exactly forty years older than the day I wasContinue reading “Yes to 40!”

Sun kissed for 31 days (part I)

Memories of bliss times on the water slowly recede, while the tide brings back the daily routine of land-bound life. Let my heart not sink but stay buoyant, by recalling the vivid impressions of heightened senses, absence of commitments, and communion with nature. 500 miles, 34 anchorages, 12 islands, 7 hikes, 1 night navigation, 1Continue reading “Sun kissed for 31 days (part I)”