Obelix facelift

Deck – Rigging – Pilot house refit | Oct-Dec 2021

12/10 vs. 10/12 2021
Obelix wrap-up
2-month deck transformation
The devil is in the details…
Slide project (sliding windows)
On The Landing trailer
Obelix remas(t)culation
The Big Reveal

The big reveal picture, where you can see that some parts, albeit classically beautiful, have not quite made it up to the deck yet (cf. toe rails at the bottom), that I’ve just recently learnt to do Korean hearts with my hands (mentored by my new workmate Steph), that Borja is really tall, that nobody seems to care that Zoe is up there all by herself, that Zephyr has a broken toe, that our little beloved Toyota Vitz FAL402 was still alive, that we kept the Altex Kumeu white on the pilot house, while painting the deck International Snow White, that we couldn’t be bother repainting the topsides, that despite the exhaustion we managed to keep an ounce of good mood, and that we would be nothing without the help of our friends, and God knows they were many to lend us a hand on this project, be it with the DIY itself, expertise, mental support, materials, a van to transport the materials, or a place to stay the four of us while our home was a building site. Thanks a million Max, Gaspar, Peter, Borja, Marion, Joseph, Dan, Tony, Thomas, Claire, Chris, Sara and her mum, Irena, Niko, Ines, Rocio!!!

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