Obelix lift seen by Azur

I wish I could share more of Azur’s drawings but they’ve all stayed on the boat, I have just managed to take a picture of that one which I thought was too good to withhold. Seeing our journey through the eyes of our kids is precious, and insightful. For example, it made me realise that at their age I probably had no idea what a propeller was, nor that every boat with an inboard would have one, hidden underneath somewhere, however, it systematically features on all of Azur’s drawings…

Obelix lift by Azur

Note that I had to draw his attention though (excuse the pun) to the fact the spreaders on his drawing were the other way round, wider on top of the shorter ones. He wouldn’t trust my word but checked by himself in the morning and came to see me and confirm I was right, the small ones should be on top…

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