Antifouling ✓

Another weekend, another mission ticked
Here we are with a fully covered bottom! After Thomas and I finished the last of the 14 coats of epoxy/fairing/primer/antifouling on Sunday, you might think we kissed languorously, hugged each other, and jumped in the air, arms up high in large victory signs. I wish. Instead, I somehow had mixed feelings, and the relief and pride were offset by disappointment (realising what a sh@%$! job we had done with the fairing), burn-out, and the daunting list of jobs that still needed to be done to “restore [Obelix] back to her former glory”, to quote the ad from the broker.
And indeed, during our digestive walk after lunch that day, we could only admire, and be jealous of, the mirror-polished hulls of the Riverside marina fancy yachts. Looks like a lifetime away for us!

Next: help us answer a crucial question
Given our initially selected Sunbrella Azure is not available in our region, what colour should we choose for our new spray dodger ?

5 thoughts on “Antifouling ✓

  1. While once in the water the antifouling smurf blue won’t be very visible, I would opt for a smurf blue… It’s a nice color and it goes well with Obélix! (not sure they do the smurf blue here though, and it’s a shame they don’t import all the sunbrella colours down under!)


  2. Perhaps we would need pictures of the top (A drone?) to choose the appropriate color, but the idea of sticking to the colors of’ Obelix and Asterix looks pleasant enough. I do not know if the smurf blue is the same as Obelix’s one. Have to check.
    And the idea comes to me (too late) that you could have painted with vertical stripes of white and blue !,… It would just have needed a few meters of masking tape. 😉


  3. Trop drôle la photo avec Zéphyr démultiplié. Comment faites- vous ça?
    Pour «dodger», reverso propose «tire-au-flanc» comme traduction!!!! Mais j’ai fini par trouver «un écran en toile sur un navire offrant une protection contre les éclaboussures».
    Le coloris azur était bien dans le ton de la coque mais s’il n’est pas disponible est-ce important qu’il soit coordonné avec la coque qui sera la plupart du temps sous l’eau?
    Est-ce que le coloris «capri» est le petit bout juste au dessus du Azur (ce qui est assez proche de ce dernier) ou celui plus foncé, plus visible juste avant le très foncé?
    J’aime bien aussi les deux autres proposés. Le Turquoise serait peut-être moins salissant que l’Aruba mais comme vous aviez opté pour Azur ce n’est peut-être pas un problème.
    Donc pour conclure , comme proposé dans les commentaires précédents, vous pourriez prendre un album d’Astérix et Obélix et chercher quelle tonalité se rapproche le plus de la culotte d’Obélix….


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