Obélix, our new baby

All things considered, perhaps conceiving a third child would have been simpler...

Boats and babies have much in common: from day one they require a lot of undivided attention to fulfill their destiny and (your) dreams, they’re full of surprises – you never quite know what will come next, and they add a new line on your budget. Although I must say, the baby’s designers certainly had user experience in mind budget-wise. Indeed, it starts very softly with next to nothing required in the first months. A few nappies is all babies need to begin with, besides their mummy’s milk and parent’s love which are both free. Then the curve slowly picks up at a sensible rate, one you can manage as you progress through your life.
On the other hand, boats budget is aggressive straight from the get go and it seems that the new currency is by unit of $50. If it’s for a boat, nothing costs less than $50, not even individual basic mast steps which really are nothing more than metal bended in a triangular shape! (I know that thanks to Claire and Thomas with whom we’ve been sharing quite a lot on boat treatment and equipment, since they’re undertaking a major refit of their beloved Schnaps right now. I guess we’re lucky to have mast steps already fitted onto ours, 23 to be exact). So here our experience confirms the first saying that welcomed us in the world of boaties. But nothing is too dear if it brings us on the path to happiness…

Shakti mat, ukulele and path to happiness

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2 thoughts on “Obélix, our new baby

  1. There is something else in common between boats and babies: you forget the pain it can be at the very beginning quite quickly… Yet when you are in the deep of it (the beginning, or the re-beginning), you have no clue how you could forget this pain!

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