Obelix’ Crew


I’m a woman of many dreams and a firm believer that “you’re never completely done for as long as you’ve got a good story and someone to tell it to” (Alessandro Baricco in Novecento), so I try to pack as many adventures in my life, which hopefully will translate in good stories to be told and retold. One dream has always been to sail around the world, and I am glad we are now living this dream with our kids!


Thomas’s childhood dream was to be a hermit or alternatively a trapper in Canadian Far North. Unsurprisingly, his full potential is reached when we’re off the grid and he can live freely (and mostly undressed), foraging or hunting to feed the family. His latest achievement is a unique fridge-ladder that he designed, modeled and built and is now the pride of our galley. Ask him to show you when you next come on board!

Zephyr & Azur

Always up to mischief, these two are inseparable and call themselves best friends. One is the head, the other the body. Zephyr, the intellectual one, enjoys solving rubik’s cubes, playing Catan and climbing trees. Azur, the intuitive one, loves nature, baking and figuring out how things work. They are two kind, adventurous and resilient boys who I am utterly proud and moved to watch grow by my sides into capable men.