Antifouling part I

Or when you learn the difference between epoxy and antifouling paint Just the antifouling left…So we were done with our seven coats of epoxy and, “only”, had to apply the antifouling. Two coats of primer, three coats of antifouling that is, but no mixing to do, no sticky sleeve to change every so often, noContinue reading “Antifouling part I”

Obelix – Mission ‘Epoxy’, la revancha

Or how it took seven of us to take care of Obelix’ “down there”… We had a mission: Covering Obelix’ hull, below the waterline, with 4-6 more coats of epoxy resin. May sound easy, but not so much when you consider that: the surface to cover was 43 sqm with all sorts of angles toContinue reading “Obelix – Mission ‘Epoxy’, la revancha”