Camping de luxe au Rinjani

Parfois, la rencontre de personnes vous fait voir les choses sous un angle tout à fait nouveau, et des expériences autrefois considérées comme hors de portée deviennent soudain un horizon possible, comme ce fut le cas pour l’ascension du mont Rinjani (le volcan vedette de Lombok et son plus haut sommet à 3 676 m),Continue reading “Camping de luxe au Rinjani”

Glamping at Mt Rinjani

Sometimes meeting people makes you take a brand new perspective on things, and experiences once thought of as out-of-reach suddenly become a possible horizon, as was the case with climbing Mount Rinjani (Lombok’s star volcano and highest peak at 3,676m), initially dismissed on financial, logistical and lack of fitness grounds. I’ll never understand what motivatedContinue reading “Glamping at Mt Rinjani”

Bunny-sitting in Darwin

“Oops, the rabbits are looking at me naked” announces Azur as he sneaks into our bed for a morning cuddle. A large rectangular bed, where the feet can protrude at the end if you slip, with a high ceiling, perfect for the gallivanting, and space all around to lie down or get out of itContinue reading “Bunny-sitting in Darwin”

Il pleut, il flotte à Nouméa

On dit que c’est à cause de La Niña, toute cette pluie. Mais après un an et demi d’un temps épouvantable, parfois interrompu par quelques jours de soleil – on a intérêt à ne pas se planter sur le timing des machines pour avoir une chance de faire sécher son linge, les habitants s’accordent àContinue reading “Il pleut, il flotte à Nouméa”

Another rainy day in Noumea

They say it’s because of La Niña, all this rain. But after a year and a half of dreadful weather occasionally interrupted by some sunny days – one must time their laundry right for it to have a chance to dry – locals agree that la Niña has extended its welcome to New Caledonia. AndContinue reading “Another rainy day in Noumea”

Making our bubble great again

Free-range kids As lock-down 2.0 was announced on August 13th, Auckland schools closed, and we retreated back to our bubbles, we decided not to add any complexity to the ever changing and (sometimes) absurd rules that governed our strange world, and let our children be free-range. No virtual hui. No homework. No schedule. No pressure.Continue reading “Making our bubble great again”

It takes a special kind of person

After a full week-end saving lives, I am exhausted! Ok, this was all pretend play, but I swear that NZ Coastguard /MedAire coastal medic course is not for the faint-hearted. Between gore pictures and videos of a femoral artery gushing blood (albeit very pixelated, thank God), de-gloving fingers (I learnt a new word), or woundsContinue reading “It takes a special kind of person”

Meeting Obelix’ two dads

It’s not a beautiful boat, but it’s a good boat! Uwe Tolks Obelix is the brain child of Uwe Tolks, former Master Mariner & Marine Construction Engineer, and Erwin Haag, Naval Architect, both German established in Whangarei, New Zealand, since the 70’s. “December 1976, he comes to my office and asks can you draw meContinue reading “Meeting Obelix’ two dads”