Obelix – first night back in the water

I’m a 40 ft fibreglass monohull sailing yacht designed by New Zealand naval architect Erwin Haag in the late 70′ and built by Orams Marine Whangarei.
I was first launched around 1985 and got my name after the famous French comics character for my legendary volume and sturdiness.
I’ve had two owners until, after lying on the hard at Whangarei Cruising Club for nearly two years, Thomas & Salomé decided to buy me on April fool’s day 2019 . Under their care, I have enjoyed a 3-month refit of my hull, the fitting of a new cockpit awning, and a smooth launch on 21st June.
I can’t wait to be roaming the Pacific Ocean again, and why not explore the world even further…


I’m a woman of many dreams. One of which has always been to, one day, sail away with my family to experience a different way of life for myself, my relationship, and my kids. This day might never happen but I vouch it will not be due to lack of will, efforts and determination on my part. May the momentum which took us from dreaming about boats to buying and renovating one, never stop. Unlikely since I’m a firm believer that “you’re never completely done for as long as you’ve got a good story and someone to tell it to” (Alessandro Baricco in Novecento), so I try to pack as many adventures in my life, which hopefully will translate in good stories to be told and retold.

Thomas – coating the propeller with Propseed

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